A physicist has made to the wine flowed over the bottle

A physicist has made to the wine flowed over the bottle

Biophysicist Daniel Perlman from the Brandeis University (USA) for three years studied as the liquid flow passes through the neck of the bottle, with the aim to make wine out of the bottle was spilled as little as possible. On the development of the website of the University.


While pouring water from a bottle some of the fluid “bends” and runs down the neck. This happens due to the properties of glass: it is hydrophilic, that is well moistened with water. There are already devices designed to ensure that the wine is not poured, but they need to be inserted into the neck of the bottle. Perlman didn’t want consumers to do an extra step after the purchase.

I wanted to change wine bottle. I didn’t want to have additional expenses or inconvenience when buying aksessuarami Perlman

Perlman studied slow-motion video of wine spilling. First, he noticed that liquid was dripping more rapidly when the bottle was completely or almost completely filled. Using a diamond cutter, Perlman with the assistance of engineer Greg Vidbergs has created a circular recess around the neck of the bottle around the edge. Drop of wine, which otherwise would have flowed from the bottles, faced with the groove and couldn’t get through it. Instead, she immediately fell from the bottle into the glass along with the rest of the wine.

When a person pouring liquid from a full or nearly full bottle, he keeps her at a slight angle to the horizontal. To flow down the neck, the drop is necessary to pass the groove Perlman, but that she must either cover the distance up against gravity, or have sufficient momentum to “skipping” of grooves. After many experiments Perlman found the perfect settings: approximately 2 millimeters in width and about 1 millimeter in depth.