Macron urged to abandon the rapprochement of France with Russia

Macron urged to abandon the rapprochement of France with Russia

France should not come closer to Russia and to build its independent policy. This was during the election debates, said the candidate in presidents of France Emmanuel macron, reports Le Monde.

Macron said that he “does not want to compromise with Putin.” Debating with the leader of “National front” marine Le Pen, he said that “unlike you, I want to see a strong France in Europe.”

#Macron: We need more #Europe, build a strong France in a stronger Europe, not on getting closer to Putin. ?
Le Pen laughing? #LeGrandDebat

— Martin Mycielski?? (@mycielski) 20 Mar 2017

In mid-February the Secretary General of the party of Makron “Forward!” Richard Ferrand said Emmanuel macron has become the object of cyber attacks from Russia. In addition, he accused the Russian TV channel RT and Sputnik Agency in an attempt to undermine public opinion about Macron “fake news.”

Earlier, on 18 March, the constitutional Council of France approved the list of candidates for the post of the President of France, who will perform this spring in the upcoming elections of the head of the country. March 9 the results of a poll in which Emmanuel macron can become the leader of the race during the first round of voting. Previously a favorite of the first round of voting was considered the leader of “National front” marine Le Pen. On the third place in popularity, according to the survey, is the ex-Prime Minister Francois Fillon.

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