Chinese archaeologists found treasures of the Ming dynasty

Chinese scientists found at the bottom of the Minjiang river in Sichuan province in southwest China, more than 10 thousand gold and silver items. About it reports “Xinhua”.

The age of the finds is about 300 years. Except of precious metals, was found a large quantity of bronze coins and iron weapons — swords and daggers.

As told by the archaeologists, according to several testimonies, about 1646, was floating in the river, a caravan consisting of thousands of boats, which was carrying all these treasures that belonged to the leader of the peasant uprising Zhang Sanjun. The ships were attacked and sunk by the troops of the Emperor.

According to Chinese archaeologist Wang vey made finds are clear evidence of that historical event.

On November 22 of last year in France in one of the houses in Evreux (Normandy) was discovered a hoard of gold coins and bars weighing about 100 kilograms.

The man, whose name was not disclosed, inherited the house and decided to sell it was in the property — furniture, utensils and other household items. During the inspection he noticed a tin box in which were the gold coins. During a more thorough search in different parts of the house was discovered seven kilo gold bars, two for 12 pounds each and about 5 thousand coins.