Le Pen has promised the French people a referendum on France’s participation in the EU

Le Pen has promised the French people a referendum on France’s participation in the EU

Moscow. March 21. INTERFAX.RU — the leader of the French “National front” marine Le Pen during a televised debate of candidates for President of France in the night of Tuesday said that the majority of data in this debate promises can’t be implemented because of the prohibitive policy of the European Union.

“Just talking about independence. Independence does not mean the subordination of the technocrats of Brussels, it means making decisions to us. You French, you have the right to decide for themselves. I’ll tell you more: you have the right to defend themselves. You have the right to protect themselves from the lack of multilateral security, which is a consequence of the complete opening of our borders, whether in economic or in terms of movement of people,” said Le Pen on TV channels TF1 and LCI, broadcasting the debate.

“Wild globalization has become a nightmare for you. Reduced purchasing power, mass delocalization (companies — if) unemployment, which just rose up over the years. The time has come for the nation to gain protection,” — said the candidate.

She promised that if he becomes President of France, nothing will be done against the will of the people. “If I am elected, I will undertake negotiations with the (United — if) Europe, as you know, to restore the freedoms that belong to you. And because it is very binding, I organize the referendum, and you can form your opinion through a major national debate,” explained the head of “National front”.

“I don’t know how you’ll vote “Yes” or “no” — in any case you’ll have the freedom of such a choice. But what exactly, my dear compatriots, I will respect the decision you make as a result of this referendum,” promised Le Pen.

During the debate, she insisted on strengthening the security agencies and the armed forces of France to strengthen the security of the country. In particular, required urgent increase in the military budget to 2% of GDP in 2018 and to 3% by the end of the five-year presidential term. “Such an effort is necessary”, — said Le Pen. What her opponent from the party “the Republicans” Francois Fillon said that it’s impossible and that such a promise could not be fulfilled as of Finance.

Answering the question leading the debate on the fight against terrorism, Le Pen said that in the first place to take control of the borders of France, for it is impossible, in her opinion, to defend itself against terrorists, not knowing who enters the country or who leaves it, “to buy weapons in Belgium.”

In addition, it called for a ban on the Islamist organization, as the politician believes, the terrorist ideology nurtured on Islamic fundamentalism. Should be expelled Islamists passing through the files of state security, and to lose French nationality of persons with dual nationality convicted of having links with Islamic fundamentalists. It is necessary to prohibit foreign funding of places of worship and their staff, close down a Salafi mosque and reveal the infiltration of Islamists in social, cultural and sports organizations. “You need to look for them everywhere,” believes Le Pen.

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