In Thailand, a dead turtle swallowed 915 coins tourists

In Thailand, a dead turtle swallowed 915 coins tourists

BANGKOK, 21 Mar — RIA Novosti. Big sea green turtle, nicknamed “Piggy-Piggy” eating for several years 915 coins of different countries of the world, died in a veterinary hospital, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, according to the Third national TV channel of Thailand, citing doctors.

According to doctors, the turtle, which was made a good many hours of surgery to remove the stomach and intestines 915 coin, died from a 200-fold excess of Nickel in the blood.

In early March, sailors brought the turtle to Bangkok from a zoo in Chonburi province. After the operation, which was conducted by veterinarians of the University, a turtle, swam in the pool with sea water, the doctors planned to give it to the research center of the naval forces for rehabilitation and subsequent return to the natural environment.

But last week, the 26-year-old turtle suffered a volvulus due to the beginning of the process of natural contraction of the bowel after removal of coins, and she had to do a second surgery. Then the doctors discovered complications associated with an excess of Nickel in the blood, from which the turtle died on Tuesday, reports channel.

“The pig-piggy Bank” belonging to the species of sea turtles, which are threatened with extinction, lived for several years in a pond with sea water in one of the tourist zoo in Chonburi province. In her pond, tourists and local residents regularly threw coins “for luck” and “to return”.

Green sea turtles live up to 80 years, so the doctors of the University had hoped that “the Pig-piggy Bank”, a female of reproductive age, recovered and released into the wild, can play an important role in the conservation of the species.

“Piggy Bank” the turtle needed surgery after swallowing coins 915

— CNN (@CNN) March 12, 2017
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