The court sentenced the defendant in the case of the terrorist act on Dubrovka to 19 years in prison

The court sentenced the defendant in the case of the terrorist act on Dubrovka to 19 years in prison

Khasan Zakayev was convicted of aiding terrorists.

Moscow. March 21. INTERFAX.RU — the Moscow district military court on Tuesday sentenced to 19 years imprisonment Hassan Zakayev, finding him guilty of aiding terrorists who seized hostages in the theatrical center on Dubrovka in 2002.

As the correspondent of “Interfax”, it follows from the operative part of the verdict of the judicial Board. The judicial Board has announced so far, only introductory and operative part of the verdict.

The court on Tuesday convicted Hassan Zakayev aiding the terrorists who seized hostages in the theatrical center on Dubrovka in 2002

Earlier in the debate, the prosecution asked to recognize Zakayev guilty in the attempted preparation of act of terrorism, attempt at murder of two and more persons, attempt at the seizure and holding of hostages and sentenced to 23 years ‘ imprisonment, and to satisfy civil suits of victims in full.

In turn, the lawyer of Suleyman Ibragimov Akhmed Zakayev was asked to justify his client on almost all counts. According to the lawyer, his client was guilty only in the purchase and transportation of weapons.

Review of the investigation

Official representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenco, commenting on the verdict, said “Interfax” that during the investigation interrogated more than 100 witnesses and victims, carried out a significant number of required comprehensive examinations.

“Despite the active opposition from the defendant and his defence were a consequence collected sufficient evidence presented implicating Zakayev committed serious and particularly serious crimes,” — said Petrenko.

In the course of the trial the defendant pleaded guilty in the case of partly

Zakayev said that was not a member of the gang Shamil Basayev, knew nothing about the impending attack, and believed that carrying a weapon and ammunition and not an explosive device.

The defendant said that he was asked to carry ammunition in the car, because they thought that it will not stop at checkpoints, for which he offered $800. After he was paid only half the amount, he refused further work for the criminals.

According to representatives of the victims, their principals said to Zakayev civil claims for a total sum about 100 million rubles, which ask the court to recover from defendant as compensation for harm.

Opinion protection

According to the lawyer Igor Zuber, the aggrieved party is not satisfied with neither trial nor conducted the case investigation.

“During the trial do not established the circumstances of death of each hostage, the real cause of their death. In addition, not installed, or the consequence, nor court, who led the rescue operation, what kind of gas was used, who gave the order to use it, how medical treatment was injured,” — said the lawyer, noting that the survivors still suffer a range of illnesses after exposure to an unknown substance.

The lawyer stated that “Russia does not fulfill the decision of the European court of human rights (“Finogenov and others V. Russia”), despite the fact that it is under the control of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe”.

The nature of the charges

Zakaev is accused of participation in criminal community, preparation for the terrorist attack, aiding in the capture of hostages, attempt at murder of two and more persons, illegal possession of weapons deliberate destruction of another’s property (article 210, 30, 205, 33, 206, 105, 222, 105, 167 the criminal code).

According to investigators, Zakayev was part of the organized criminal community which was headed by Basayev, and had complicity in preparing a terrorist attack and hostage taking at the theatrical center. So, in 2002, he organized the transportation to Moscow of weapons and improvised explosive devices that have been used by terrorists.

Previously, the six partners of capture were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment, 40 terrorists were killed during the RAID, the international search is one partner — Gerihan Dudayev.

The terrorist attack on Dubrovka

October 23, 2002 in the theatrical center on Dubrovka terrorists during a musical “Nord-OST” were taken hostage more than 900 people and held them for three days. The morning of October 26 was made to storm the building. As a result of the RAID, all the terrorists were destroyed. According to official data, 130 hostages, including 10 children, were killed.