Irkutsk pensioner attacked a policeman with two axes

In the town of Bodaibo in the Irkutsk region 61-year-old woman was attacked with an ax on a police officer. This was reported on the website of the regional investigative Department of the investigative Committee.

The incident occurred March 14. The police asked the woman, who told us that her neighbor with an axe damaged the doors of two apartments. Arrived at the scene, law enforcement officers found were in an aggressive state pensioner with axes in their hands. “The demands to stop their actions, she threw one axe in the direction of a police officer, others struck several blows on the police bulletproof vest in which he was covered,” reads the message.

Against women were physical force was applied, after which she was hospitalized in the psychiatric ward of a local hospital.

Concerning the pensioner criminal case under part 2 of article 318 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Application of violence dangerous to life and health, against a representative of power”).

In August of 2016 in the Chelyabinsk region 67-year-old man with signs of intoxication was struck in the chest with a hunting knife stopped his inspector DPS. The victim was hospitalized, his partner managed to detain the attacking.