The Chinese surprised the doctors with unusual eyes

The Chinese surprised the doctors with unusual eyes

A resident of China came to the ophthalmologists with itching and irritation in the eyes. After the examination the patient have not shown any vision problems, but her eyes surprised doctors.

Iris 37-year-old Chinese woman was very unusual. Fringe iris was convex and as if raised above the pupil, forming encircling the center of the eye “wall”. If you ignore the knowledge of what the photo depicts a human eye can even imagine a crater on Mars.

Striking Image Shows the ‘Protruding’ Feature in Woman’s Eye

Wiki Science Insider (@W_I_science) 16 Mar 2017

As told Live Science Dr. Andrea Tao of the American optometric Association, the fringe of the iris is the middle part of the iris and fills the space between the pupil and limb — the place of articulation of the iris with protein. She added that fringe is the densest part of the iris.

Although solid state, this “element” the eyes have met Chinese women a ring of tissue around the pupil is more pronounced than in other patients.

“Cause “serving” the fringe is unknown, but many people are born with the structure of the eye. The condition is absolutely harmless and not associated with vision problems,” added Tau.

If she was not referred to the ophthalmologist with complaints of allergies, she probably would never have known that her eyes — a rare case. The doctors gave the patient medications, and assured that an interesting feature of her eyes does not cause the woman any trouble.