During an interview with the Kirov policy wilted flower

During an interview with the Kirov policy wilted flower

During the interview, the Secretary of the Kirov branch of party “Civil platform” Mikhail Shevelev standing behind him wilted flower.

It is noteworthy that it was about the election of the Governor and the candidates of the party “United Russia”. An unusual incident was recorded on video journalist Vladislav rat.

In conversation with Life Shevelev said that the flower several times moved with him from one job to another, and plants are just “accustomed to strong words”, so responded to the interview.

My friends said that this is the first flower that was the start of his movement early election gubernatorial campaign in Hmichael Shevelev

The author of the video in conversation with TJ suggested that, most likely, the flower just drooped under its own weight: it moved in the frame shortly before the start of the interview.

“Put an empty corner to close. While I was tuned in, he was standing exactly after five minutes after installation, during the interview, a flower stood in the second minute of the interview slowly came down. I saw, but the shooting did not stop, were not in vain,” — said the journalist.