A teen found a diamond 7.44 carats in the Park in the American state of Arkansas

A teen found a diamond 7.44 carats in the Park in the American state of Arkansas

NEW YORK, March 17. /Offset. TASS Ivan sawyers/. Student Call Langford found a 7.44 carat diamond in the Park stones in the southern part of the U.S. state of Arkansas. This is stated in a statement posted Thursday on the official website of this tourist object.

The teenager came with his parents in the Park called “Crater of diamonds” where you try to find gem can be anyone.

14-year-old Langford spent on the search for just about 30 minutes.

Near the Creek, he picked up a shiny pebble coffee color. “It was so dark that we didn’t know a diamond if this, however, we realized that it is necessary to check” — are in the publication the words of the boy’s father Craig Langford.

The Park has established that the student really found a gem. As explained by the representatives of the environmental object, the conditions for such findings formed the ideal, as earlier it was heavy rain, which is partly washed away the topsoil. On the form found with the Langford diamond resembles a cube, a little larger than a pea, he is in the top ten of the largest gems discovered in the Park in its history.

Langford said it has no plans to sell the find, and store it in the memory of the trip. Student has invented stone name — Diamond Superman. The boy is a big fan of this fantastic hero.

According to recent reports, during this year, the Park was discovered 97 diamonds of different colors, but they are much less found in Langford, for the most part, their mass is less than 1 carat. The largest of those found in the U.S. the diamond was named “Uncle Sam” has a mass accounting period by 40.23 carats. It brought to the surface in 1924 from the mine, which is also located in Arkansas.

“Crater of diamonds” received the status of a state Park in 1972. Since they found almost 30 thousand gems of this type. Visitors have the right to take discovery with a regardless of its value.