ROC supported the “inexperienced” Poklonsky, describing the myrrh-streaming icon of Nicholas II

Photo: Bishop Trinity Pankraty, head of the Synodal Commission on canonization, said in his Facebook about how he was a witness of the myrrh-streaming icon of Nicholas II, therefore, urged to refrain from ridicule speaking about erotocism the bust of the Emperor, the Deputy of the State Duma Natalia Polonskaya. According to Pancras “something inexplicable” happened to him in the late 90-ies, when he was carrying a paper icon of Nicholas the Second, the “tightly closed in a glazed wooden kiot”, Balaam. Then when him and his companion-the priest “at the top end lacquered wooden surface of the frame is swollen drop of thick fragrant liquid. Then it made so much that she began to flow first along the upper end of the frame,and then flowed down on the surface of the frame”. Myrrh flowed from “an ancient icon of the Savior” in the Cathedral, where it was delivered

Lavrov hailed the “Troika” of Russia-Turkey-Iran

Photo: RIA Novosti The head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov said on the prospects of the format of cooperation Russia-Turkey-Iran, reports “Interfax”. “In the near future will host a summit of Russia and Turkey at the presidential level. Will talk about various aspects of our cooperation is trade and economy, investments, joint infrastructure projects,” – said Lavrov. The Minister noted that the meeting of leaders of Russia and Turkey will also be discussed foreign policy cooperation, “primarily to help resolve the Syrian crisis through the implementation of our joint initiative, which, by the way, joined by Iran.” “So you can talk about another promising “three” Russia-Turkey-Iran”, – said Lavrov. Earlier it was reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 10 he will participate in the meeting of the cooperation Council high-level Russia — Turkey.

Putin pardoned convicted for treason Oksana, Sebastiai

Putin pardoned convicted for treason Oksana, Sebastiai Moscow. March 7. INTERFAX.RU — the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to pardon Oksana, Sebastini, said Tuesday the press service of the Kremlin. “Guided by humanitarian principles, I decree to pardon, Sebastiai Oksana Valer’evna, born in 1970, sentenced 3 March 2016 Krasnodar regional court, freeing her from further punishment in form of imprisonment”, — is spoken in the text of the decree. This decree shall enter into force five days from the day of its official publication. Krasnodar regional court of 3 March 2016 recognized Sewaside guilty of high treason (article 275 of the criminal code) and sentenced to seven years in prison for the fact that in 2008, while in Sochi, she sent a sms to his friend in Georgia about the movement of military equipment in the direction of Abkhazia. President Vladimir Putin at a press conference

The Iraqi army took over government buildings in Mosul

The Iraqi army took over government buildings in Mosul Units of the Iraqi army occupied the main government building in Mosul, during the ongoing offensive on the positions of militants grouping “Islamic state” (in Russia as terrorist and banned). 12фотографий12фотографий12фотографий As reported by the Iraqi joint command of the military operations, the special forces managed to occupy the building of the government of Ninawa governorate and to take control of the bridge of al-Huriya. The military also occupied the building, which housed the office of the Central Bank of Iraq, and the building where the militants held their “hearings”. It is reported that large numbers of buildings badly damaged. The next stage of the attack on Mosul began on 19 February, but the operation was suspended due to adverse weather conditions. In the future, the offensive resumed. The force ISIS seized Mosul in 2014 in the framework of its large-scale

Killer Kim Jong-Nam took refuge in the Embassy

Killer Kim Jong-Nam took refuge in the Embassy The Malaysian police cordoned off the building of the diplomatic mission of the DPRK in Kuala Lumpur. A diplomatic row between Malaysia and the DPRK broke out after the death of Kim Jong-Nam, eldest brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong UN, is gaining momentum. Malaysian police cordoned off the DPRK Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and forbade the citizens of North Korea to go beyond the territory. Informed the North Korean authorities have barred from leaving the country to citizens of Malaysia. Police in Kuala Lumpur cordoned off the building hosting the diplomatic mission of the DPRK. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Malaysia, Nur Mohamed Jazlan. According to Reuters, this is done to identify all diplomats. “We’re trying to identify all of the Embassy staff that are here,” said the head of the Malaysian Ministry of

In India uncovered a gang hunted orphans of pedophiles

Indian police have arrested six people suspected of creating an organized pedophile community in Kerala. It is reported by Hindustan Times. Criminals, according to law enforcement, a few months raped seven orphan girls aged 12 to 16 years. They were offered candy, lured into the storeroom located next to the shelter of the store, and then forced to watch videos of sexual content, and mocked them. After being photographed naked and blackmailed, demanding to remain silent and not to tell anyone about the incident. All the injured were sent for medical examination which confirmed sexual abuse. The atrocities were not known for several months, until one of the guards of the orphanage noticed that one of the girls left the store in tears. The police are talking to all the residents of the shelter to find other victims of rapists. Six alleged cyber criminals charged and another three possible accomplices

The white house dismissed speculation about mistrust to trump the FBI Director

Sean Spicer The White house rejected suggestions that the US President Donald trump is not supported FBI Director James Komi. As reported Tuesday, March 7, RIA Novosti, about this at the briefing said the press-Secretary of the head of state Sean Spicer. “I see no reason to believe that he does not support the Director of the FBI,” he stressed. On March 5 the New York Times, citing senior sources in Washington reported that FBI Director James Comey has asked the U.S. justice Department to publicly refute or explain trump’s words, accusing his predecessor of Barack Obama listening to his telephone conversations during the election campaign. According to the publication, the demands of the Komi Republic related to the fact that the statement trump casts a shadow on the FBI. A day earlier trump in his microblog on Twitter wrote that Obama supposedly ordered to organize the tapping of his

In the United States arrested a Ukrainian for illegal export of night-vision scopes and thermal imagers

In the United States on Tuesday, March 7, was arrested a citizen of Ukraine on charges of illegal export of technologies used in military equipment. This was reported on the website of the American Ministry of justice. Vladimir Nedovic had a residence permit in the United States. According to the investigation, the accused conspired with other persons both in Ukraine and in the USA, for the purchase of U.S. companies of goods subject to control, and export it to Ukraine. The device, which was purchased by criminals in the US — the most high-tech night vision sights and thermal imagers. In the United States, this equipment is sold by law enforcement agencies. The participants of the scheme in violation of the law has not granted a license for this activity. With the intent to conceal illegal activities, they posed as suppliers for U.S. citizens. The suspect and his co-conspirators also