Dozens of people were injured in the collision of a train and a bus in the US

In the US, a freight train collided with a bus. On Tuesday, March 7, WLOX reports, citing the head of the local police, John Miller. According to him, the incident occurred at a railway crossing in Biloxi, Mississippi, around 14:15 (23:15 GMT). Killing at least four people, the account of victims goes on tens. Miller said that the bus was traveling from Austin, Texas, there were about 50 passengers, most elderly people. The fire, which in the United States also perform rescue functions had to dig the injured from the damaged vehicle through the Windows. Hospitalized 35 people, some of them were taken to medical facilities by air. It is composed of 52 of the carriage 27 with a load and empty of 25, he was flying from New Orleans to Alabama. According to witnesses, crossing the rails, the bus is stuck and stopped. However, Miller has not confirmed this

The train has rammed the bus with 50 passengers in the United States

Three people were killed and dozens were injured in the collision of a train and a passenger bus in the us state of Mississippi, reports channel ABC News.   According to journalists, the tragedy occurred in the city of Biloxi. Train at high speed rammed the bus, EN route from Texas. According to the police, at the time of accident in salon there were about 50 passengers.   Now the emergency services work at the scene. Rescuers recovered the victims from the wrecked car. What was the cause of the collision was not reported. Photo: sunherald / twitter

Became known date of the meeting about the “intervention” of the Russian Federation in elections in the United States

The head of the special Committee on intelligence activities of the house of representatives of the United States of America David núñez stated that the first formal meeting about the “interference” of the Russian Federation to the us presidential elections will be held on March 20, reported RIA Novosti.   “We will hold our first public meeting, on 20 March, Monday, at 10.00”, – said Nunez.   In the context of the “interference” of Russia in the American electoral processes will be primarily reviewed the allegedly existing when U.S. President Donald trump with the Russian Federation. Accusations of ties with Russia in the address of the trump was sounded by most of the American media and politicians and the security services. There is no evidence in favor of this version is given and was not.   Moscow categorically rejected these allegations, and the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov,

The national Bank of Ukraine has threatened sanctions to Sberbank

The national Bank of Ukraine ready to impose sanctions against the subsidiary Bank of Sberbank in Ukraine, the message about this appeared on the official website of the organization.   This reaction, according to the statement of the national Bank, may follow in response to the service of the Russian Sberbank clients with passports of the breakaway DNI and LC.   “In response to information about the readiness of Sberbank (Russian Federation) to provide services for persons who are holders of passports of the unrecognized DND and LNR, which is distributed to the media, the national Bank of Ukraine reports the following. In the case of confirmation of this information, the NBU will initiate to the national security Council the question of the application of sanctions to subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia in Ukraine – JSC “Sberbank”, – said on the website of the national Bank of Ukraine.   Earlier

Chudnovets spoke about the fear of likes

Released Yekaterinburg teacher Eugene Chudnovets convicted of a repost of the video with the abuse of a child, in an interview talked about she appeared afraid to put the huskies in the Internet. “I’m afraid that if I have something incorrect tell or just like-I was again dragged to the colony. I’m really scared. Now I’m going to think more and talk less,” explained Chudnovets, noting that out of fear after the release from prison she went online. Chudnovets was released on Monday, March 6. The verdict against it earlier in the day overturned the Presidium of the Kurgan regional court. The case was dismissed for lack of evidence. With the request to cancel the sentence and terminate criminal proceedings against the educator for the Supreme court asked the state office of public Prosecutor. In December 2016, the teacher pleaded guilty to distribution of child pornography and was sentenced

Pamfilova described the idea of postponing the presidential elections on March 18

Ella Pamfilova The Chairman of the Central election Commission of Russia Ella Pamfilova has considered it possible to postpone the election of the President from 11 to 18 March 2018 appropriate. This is stated in the press release received by the editors”.ru” on Tuesday, March 7. “I think that March 18 is the best option (for the next presidential election — approx. “Of the”), “—said Pamfilova. In her opinion, in the future, under changes to election law it is necessary to consider the option of postponing election day in April or October. “On the basis of communication with many parties and experts, I guess, April is the ideal month for conducting all elections: presidential and parliamentary,” said the CEC head. Earlier on Tuesday the press-Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin has not yet developed a consensus on whether or not to hold elections of the

Putin congratulates women on March 8 verses

Russian President Vladimir Putin in a televised speech and congratulated women on March 8 poems of Konstantin Balmont. According to TASS, he chose a work of this Russian poet of the Silver age for the imagery and the accuracy of his words. “A woman with us when we are born,The woman with us in our last hour.The woman — the banner when we fight, The woman — the joy of opened eyes” — quoted classic of the President. “The woman we’re looking for and always find everything: inspiration and consolation”, he added. The head of state wished the beautiful half of humanity health, success, joy and happiness. “You fill this world with its beauty and vitality, his warm tenderness and generosity, creating an atmosphere of comfort, cordiality and harmony”, he said. According to the President, despite the fact that caring for the family and the relatives do during the holidays

The Italian gave his beloved on March 8, his kidney

The Italian gave his beloved on March 8, his kidney ROME, Mar 7 — RIA Novosti, Sergei Elders. On the eve of March 8, which is widely celebrated in the Apennines, 52-year-old Italian decided to give his 44-year-old girlfriend is not a traditional bouquet of Mimosa, and his own kidney. NewsWhat a woman wants: the truth and myths As reported on Tuesday by local media in Turin Molinette hospital the surgery was performed at the kidney transplantation of the woman who suffered from a serious genetic disease, polycystic kidney disease. Two months ago, the doctors came to the conclusion that their patient needs an urgent transplant of one kidney, and began the search for a donor. However, it soon became clear that to give his kidney to favorite ready for her friend. After the necessary tests the doctors gave the go-ahead for this operation, which was successful. Currently, both patients

Scientists 22 years, I thought the name of the moth from Portugal

Scientists 22 years, I thought the name of the moth from Portugal 22 years it took scientists to understand what sort of belong rare Portuguese moths. 22 years it took scientists to understand what sort of belong rare Portuguese moths. The got the Ekboarmia miniaria, about the study, the researchers reported in the journal Nota Lepidopterologica. The first individual was found in 1995 in Portugal, South of Lisbon. Then the scientists were unable to identify enough common features with the known European species of moths that made the classification impossible. By 2009 managed to catch three more. The first moth was a male and the rest females. The pattern on their wings differed from the color of the male that was talking about sexual dimorphism and further complicated work. In 2015, the researchers studied their DNA, making it possible finally to identify moths in the genus Ekboarmia of the family

The man spent 8 years on the excretion of Python with Emoji on the skin

The man spent 8 years on the excretion of Python with Emoji on the skin Breeder of snakes Justin Kobylka led white Python with yellow spots on the skin, reminiscent of Emoji. Reported by Business Insider. It is reported that the man spent on the breeding of rare pythons 8 years. Its cost is estimated at $4500, but the owner has no plans to sell pet. In the comments under the video with the snake, Internet users have noted that Emoji on the skin remind them of the pumpkin, and the Python could be “the perfect snake for Halloween”.