In India uncovered a gang hunted orphans of pedophiles

Indian police have arrested six people suspected of creating an organized pedophile community in Kerala. It is reported by Hindustan Times.

Criminals, according to law enforcement, a few months raped seven orphan girls aged 12 to 16 years. They were offered candy, lured into the storeroom located next to the shelter of the store, and then forced to watch videos of sexual content, and mocked them.

After being photographed naked and blackmailed, demanding to remain silent and not to tell anyone about the incident.

All the injured were sent for medical examination which confirmed sexual abuse.

The atrocities were not known for several months, until one of the guards of the orphanage noticed that one of the girls left the store in tears. The police are talking to all the residents of the shelter to find other victims of rapists. Six alleged cyber criminals charged and another three possible accomplices is wanted.