ROC supported the “inexperienced” Poklonsky, describing the myrrh-streaming icon of Nicholas II


Bishop Trinity Pankraty, head of the Synodal Commission on canonization, said in his Facebook about how he was a witness of the myrrh-streaming icon of Nicholas II, therefore, urged to refrain from ridicule speaking about erotocism the bust of the Emperor, the Deputy of the State Duma Natalia Polonskaya.

According to Pancras “something inexplicable” happened to him in the late 90-ies, when he was carrying a paper icon of Nicholas the Second, the “tightly closed in a glazed wooden kiot”, Balaam.

Then when him and his companion-the priest “at the top end lacquered wooden surface of the frame is swollen drop of thick fragrant liquid. Then it made so much that she began to flow first along the upper end of the frame,and then flowed down on the surface of the frame”.

Myrrh flowed from “an ancient icon of the Savior” in the Cathedral, where it was delivered to the Emperor’s image: “blessing the right hand of Christ in the ancient way of pestalotia also made myrh and several streams flowed down.”

The “flow” of the bust of Nicholas II Pankraty has not yet begun to recognize: it is suggested to check thoroughly this phenomenon, and while “not to accept and not reject”.

Stood up the Bishop and for the very Poklonskaya — “young, not experienced in politics a female Deputy”, simultaneously saying that “network Joe blow” criticizing her words, fix only the grave.

We add that, according to journalists of “Novaya Gazeta”, who arrived in Crimea in the place of “myrrh-streaming”, no evidence of a similar phenomenon to see the bust failed.