Riot police cordoned off the Centre of the Roerichs in Moscow

Riot police cordoned off the Centre of the Roerichs in Moscow

Law enforcement officers blocked the building of the International centre of the Roerichs (ICR) in Moscow. About it “Interfax” on Tuesday, March 7, Vice-President of the ICR Alexander Stetsenko.

“The special forces took the keys, go to searches and seizures” — he said, not specifying what exactly is being withdrawn. The reasons for the search is also not called.

Stetsenko said that the staff of the Investigative Committee of Russia has caused the employees of the center for investigative experiment in the Museum.

According to the REN TV, the law-enforcers took the entire collection of pictures companies. Employees of the center was blocked by police the road, demanding to show that they are taken.

Investigators seized about 200 exhibits, reports RIA Novosti.

ICR — international public organization, which is located in the Lopukhins ‘ estate in the Small Znamensky lane. The building also houses the Museum by name of N. K. Roerich.

Nicholas Roerich — Russian painter and philosopher-mystic. Together with his wife Elena, he created a religious-philosophical doctrine of “Living ethics” (Agni yoga), which in the 1980-ies were very popular in Russia and abroad.