What changes have already been proposed to the bill on “health certificates”

Among them, as “Kommersant” found out, there are both proposals consonant with what the government has already made, and&nbsp ;new initiatives regarding, for example, the cost of PCR tests and features of the use of QR codes in cities of federal significance.

A bill allowing regions to introduce certificates with QR codes for visiting mass events, cultural institutions, public catering facilities and retail trade, the government submitted to the Duma on November 12 . Immediately after that, he was sent to distribution to regions, the vast majority of which sent positive feedback to Duma. On December 16 & nbsp; the project was approved in & nbsp; the first reading by the votes of the United Russia, the Liberal Democratic Party and part of the “New People”, the Communist Party faction and the “Fair Russia” voted against For truth» (SRZP). The second reading was tentatively scheduled for January 18 

Authorities will tie QR code decision to herd immunity

As  Kommersant has already reported, their joint proposal to  finish the resonant bill, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova and  the leaders of United Russia (EP) was substantiated by the fact that this document was prepared “as a response to” the spread of the “delta” strain, but “in” the conditions of “omicron” dominance “new approaches” may be required. However, the decision of the council of the chamber to postpone the second reading will not mean withdrawing the draft from consideration: according to the Duma regulations, this is possible only if it is withdrawn by the authors or rejected at the plenary session. In connection with this, Vasily Piskarev (EP), chairman of the Duma's profile committee on security, assured journalists on January 14 that  all amendments received by the committee from federal and regional deputies “must be heard and taken into account” ;.

The deadline for submitting amendments set by the Duma Council expired on January 14, and on the same day, Tatyana Golikova spoke about the changes proposed by the government. In particular, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to provide the opportunity to visit public places for those who do not have a QR code, according to the results of PCR tests (initially it was assumed that such an order would only be valid until 1 February).

Except In addition, the government proposed giving the Ministry of Health the authority to set the validity period of a certificate for those who have a medical exemption from vaccination.

Another amendment states that military personnel and equal categories of the population will receive certificates with observance of special requirements for the protection of their personal data .

Senator Inna Svyatenko and State Duma deputy Anatoly Vyborny (both   — EP), representing Moscow, introduced three amendments allowing federal cities to establish specifics for implementing the “law on QR codes” both in  as part of the provision of services, and from the point of view of the duration of the restrictions. As “Kommersant” explained Vyborny, Moscow — it is a large metropolis with "international transport hubs and a powerful subway", and "these features must be taken into account when holding public events".

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation, according to deputy Alexei Kurinny, even before the government introduced an amendment allowing visits to public places with a negative PCR test and after February 1. The communists also suggested issuing certificates with QR codes in the presence of antibodies (previously, Tatyana Golikova also announced a similar measure). In addition, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation proposed to increase compensation in case of post-vaccination complications from 30 thousand to 3 million rubles. in the event of death and from 10 thousand to 1 million rubles. upon the onset of disability.

The Liberal Democratic Party also advocated the issuance of QR codes to citizens who have antibodies, regardless of whether they were asymptomatic or vaccinated with a foreign vaccine.

Another amendment of the Liberal Democrats proposes to make the extension impossible the validity of the bill after 1 June (this date is listed in the version of the first reading).

“With another amendment, we propose a cap on the cost of commercial PCR and for antibodies tests and the deadline for issuing results, because today PCR is valid for two days, and the result is sometimes issued after it stops working» ;, — told “Kommersant” Yaroslav Nilov, deputy head of the LDPR faction.

SRZP proposed the only amendment, according to which it is possible to enter certificates with QR codes only in the event of an official declaration of a state of emergency (due to  only “high alert mode” preceding the “emergency.” mdash; “Kommersant”). Finally, “New People” proposed to make PCR tests and tests for antibodies free of charge and issue QR codes to people who have taken out voluntary medical insurance against COVID-19, and to those who have a high level of T-cell immunity or have been asymptomatic.



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