United Russia explained the situation with the bill on QR codes

and the entire deputies — focus on helping doctors, citizens, and everyone who needs it most. That that what we were doing for small two pandemic years», — said the Secretary of the General Council of the party “United Russia” Andrey Turchak during the meeting of the presidium of the faction in the State Duma.

On the  initiative of United Russia it was decided to postpone the consideration of the bill on & nbsp; QR codes. The document was prepared as as an adequate response to the strain  Delta», but the situation has changed, Turchak emphasized.

  We see what is happening in the world and how the situation develops    us in country — this morning 30 thousand cases. “Omicron” becomes the dominant strain, and in this regard, it is necessary to carefully consider the measures of the state response. About what we and the government agreed  — he said.

The Duma Council on January 17 will determine the fate of the bill on medical certificates. Earlier, the government initiative was adopted by the State Duma in the first reading.



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