Every tenth Russian is jealous of bloggers

In the survey, the results of which are at the disposal of “Gazeta.Ru”, was attended by more than 5 thousand respondents across Russia from 18 to 55 years.

The study showed that a third of Russians spend up to three hours a day on social networks, while most of them are men. 26% of respondents spend at least 5 hours a day. About 12% of Russians spend time online around the clock. Only 8% of respondents spend no more than 30 minutes a day on social networks.

Half of Russians (49%) in the course of the study shared that they experience negative feelings because of social networks. Thus, a quarter of respondents (26%) are worried about negative comments, and 22% feel anxious about viewing content on the Internet.

The majority of respondents (41%), when asked why they use social networks, replied that it helps them to keep up with news about friends and relatives. 38% of respondents use the Internet for dating and communication, 29% use it to gain new knowledge and skills. Almost a third (35%) of Russians noted that social networks help them “kill” time, and 12% use social networks to follow a person they like, a blogger or a star.



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