All sorts of little things: top useful goods up to 500 rubles

LED Shower head

A cool thing that will please both adults and children. The nozzle is conveniently and simply attached to the shower hose. It has no wires and batteries, and therefore it is absolutely safe to use. Built-in LEDs of seven different colors start working immediately after turning on the water, creating an absolutely fabulous effect. 

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  • I received the order. The child is delighted. Everything works as described. It shines brightly in the dark.

LED shower Head to know the price of a stylish and convenient phone holder

When watching movies, video conferences or streaming, you just can’t do without a smartphone stand. In the top of products on AliExpress, you can find a cool holder that has already been appreciated by thousands of buyers. This stand is suitable for most modern smartphones and small tablets. White and black colors, stylish design and the ability to adjust the angle of inclination are the main characteristics of the product. The holder folds easily and can be carried with you even in your pocket. And it is also included in the “Plus” fast delivery program. 

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  • Complete delight! Cool stuff, aesthetic. The packaging is concise. In general, it’s a pleasure. Fast dispatch. Thanks!

Stylish and convenient phone holder Find out the price of a convenient towel holder for the door

Among the huge variety of useful little things, it is impossible not to mention the towel holder, which simply hangs on any door or closet door. Space saving, easy installation and concise design at a very modest price. The holder is made of stainless steel, resistant to rust and corrosion, and therefore it can be placed both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. 

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  • Delivery – two weeks, everything is as in the seller’s photo. An excellent hanger, soft protective pads are glued to the hooks on the inside so as not to damage the surface on which the hanger rests.

Convenient towel holder on the door to find out the price of a cheap perfume spray bottle

This is just a brilliant find that girls will appreciate first of all. Aluminum color perfume spray bottle with a volume of 5 ml fits in any handbag or pocket. This means that you no longer need to carry bulky perfume bottles with you, and your favorite fragrance will always be at hand. 

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  • A great thing, everything works, very convenient for a lady’s handbag.

Reusable spray bottle for the oven to know the price of a light with a motion sensor

A wireless round lamp with a motion sensor is an indispensable thing in the house. Dark closets, corridors and rooms will no longer be a problem. The lamp has no wires and is powered by three AAA batteries. Thanks to its compact size and light weight, it can be attached almost anywhere, even in the most inconspicuous place. Six LEDs on a single charge can last up to 50,000 hours. After actuation, the lamp automatically turns off after 10-15 seconds. 

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  • A good lamp. Installed under the mezzanine with Velcro. The native magnet is weak. The lamp copes with its function. Illuminates the passage between the rooms.

A lamp with a motion sensor to know the price of a convenient holder in the sink on a suction cup

To save space in the kitchen, you can buy a mini holder for soap or sponges, which is attached inside the sink with suction cups. And it does not take up space, and there is no water and dirt on the table or stand! The holder is made of high-quality rust-resistant material and looks quite organic.

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  • It’s a great little thing, now I regret that I ordered one. The suction cup sat down well. Several times while washing dishes, she touched plates, a saucepan, did not even move. Before gluing, I wiped the sink well with detergent and glued it to the wet surface.

Convenient holder in the sink on a suction cup to know the price of winter sports gloves

It is quite possible not to frostbite your hands and do your favorite things in the fresh air with cool and warm gloves. Sports water-repellent fabric, lining made of warm soft fleece, windproof zipper and rubberized pads in the palm area will perfectly warm your hands in winter and are suitable for outdoor sports. By the way, the gloves are supplemented with pads for touch screens, which is also important in winter. 

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  • I bought a pair for my son, since I’ve been wearing it for a year and am very happy. It’s nice to work with the phone without taking off gloves and ride in a car who doesn’t have a heated steering wheel.

Winter Sports gloves to know the price of laser fog lamp

A bright laser fog lamp is simply an indispensable thing on the road in poor visibility conditions. It is easily attached to a car or motorcycle, and projects a red light on the road from behind, protecting it from collisions. When driving at night, it can determine a clearer position of the vehicle and indicate the direction of rotation. The lamp is suitable for all types of vehicles and can operate at temperatures from -20 to +40 degrees. 

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  • The thing is cool. You can see well at night. I was washing the car at the sink, the water got in, but everything works. For its price super. The delivery is only quite long, but it’s the mail’s fault

Laser Fog Light to know the price of Original Mirror Case for iPhone

iPhone owners will surely appreciate the luxurious mirror case for a smartphone made of tempered glass, which not only looks expensive and stylish, but also reliably protects the gadget from scratches and bumps. The original oval design with a maple leaf is complemented by a small mirror panel, which will especially appeal to girls. There are different colors available, and the cases can be matched to almost the entire line of iPhones.

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  • The product is good. I thought it would be nonsense. The quality is decent. Color, as on the store’s website. For iPhones, everything is the same, all the buttons are in place, pressing is easy, like on an iPhone without a case. I was pleased with the ergonomics, comfortable in the hand. The mirror is like in advertising, everything matches. The sidewall is easily bent and made of high quality. It is easy to remove the case and install the iPhone. The charging slot, camera and flash are all in place. I recommend the product and the store.

Original mirror case for iPhone to know the price of a compact gas burner

A miniature gas burner is the product that will be relevant everywhere and at any time of the year. The burner runs on gas fuel in standard cylinders and no soot is formed during gorenje. The flame is turned on in one convenient touch, the burner capacity of 30 ml provides 50 minutes of constant gorenje, and the flame length is adjustable. This device is very compact, and therefore it will fit freely in a bag, backpack and even in a deep pocket, which is convenient for hiking and picnics. An additional joy is fast delivery from Russia. 

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  • Great purchase! In the household and in campaigns, the thing is irreplaceable! Everything works, the adjustment works more/less! Everything is OK! Very fast delivery! Thanks to the seller! I recommend it!

Compact gas burner Know the price

For those who are willing to spend a little more on themselves or their home, we suggest looking at even more products that are very popular with other buyers and are now being sold at good discounts.

Budget robot Vacuum cleaner

One of the few middle-class robot vacuum cleaners with support for both dry and wet cleaning. In addition, it has a high maximum pressure level of 2200 Pa, which allows it to remove even dust stuck to the floor. A 0.6 L container is provided for garbage collection.

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  • A good helper for daily cleaning

Budget Robot Vacuum cleaner to know the price of waterproof shoes

Cool waterproof boots will save your feet in autumn and winter. They are suitable for the city, for walking in nature, for working in the country and are generally universal. For winter, choose a model with insulation. Absolute leaders in the number of sales in this segment.

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  • Good, just for a cold, damp autumn. Packed well. I tested the boots, in the taiga for 4 days, more than 25 km. Withstood washing in the washing machine! They proved themselves excellent.

Waterproof boots to know the price of cool bed linen

Alanna is one of the top brands on AliExpress, which produces high-quality bed linen. Tens of thousands of orders, a high rating and a lot of enthusiastic reviews speak for themselves. Natural cotton does not shrink and does not lose color for a long time. Choose the color you like and add it to the cart while the discount is valid!

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  • Delivered in about a week. With discounts, it turned out pretty cheap. There are no complaints about the quality.

Cool bed linen to know the price is a novelty! Portable heater with remote control

This 900W heater is the size of an orange, but despite its miniaturization, it will perfectly warm a cold room, garage or a small office with an area of up to 20 square meters. The portable heater weighs only half a kilogram, so you can take it with you to work or to the country, even in a lady’s purse. The goods are delivered at an accelerated rate — it is already waiting for you in a Russian warehouse.

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  • Works. It warms. I opened it to look. Soldering is normal. The cross section of the wire is normal for such a load. Relay for 10 amps, 250 volts. The plug rotates around an axis with soldered wires. It turns on and off from the remote control. There is a timer for disconnecting from 1 hour to 12 hours. The fan speed can be reduced from the remote control.

New! Portable heater with remote control with a pen for removing age spots and papillomas

The pen removes papillomas, warts, age spots and small scars, including acne. This is a real fairy savior, especially when it comes to age-related changes. One procedure with exactly the same tool in a beauty salon costs about the same as the tool itself on AliExpress. This speaks for itself. But be careful – do not use a pen to remove moles and birthmarks. Such operations should be performed only by a doctor after appropriate tests.

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  • A great device. Previously, I had experience of removing papillomas in a medical institution using a device operating on the same principle. This device is no worse and is always at hand. Thanks to the seller.

A pen for removing pigmentation spots and papillomas from the price of a man’s sweater with a zipper

A men’s zip-up sweater looks great with jeans and classic trousers. The right piece of clothing in the men’s wardrobe. Fleece lining, high collar, long sleeves. In cool weather, you can wear it instead of a windbreaker or jacket. It will be comfortable for you during the day, no matter what you do and wherever you go. Order online for half price.

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  • The package arrived quickly. In less than 3 weeks. The sweater is very cool. Moderately warm and comfortable. I took the size 3XXL. I am happy with the package. Thank you very much to the seller. I recommend the seller

Men’s sweater with a zipper to know the price of a selection of cool knives

Japanese kitchen knives are of excellent quality and for all kinds of products that can only be found in the cooking process. You can buy only the ones you need one at a time, or you can buy a set of eight pieces at once. Please note, a good discount!

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  • It’s all good. Sharpened to a razor. The quality is super.

A set of cool knives to find out the price tag for the hallway

As the theater begins with a hanger, so the house begins with a rug in the hallway. Modern polymer mats with a cellular structure are eco-friendly and practical. They are waterproof, hypoallergenic, and do not need to be washed often. In addition, you can choose a rug to your taste – both in size and color. In addition, the goods can now be purchased at a discount, and delivery from Russia guarantees that the goods will arrive very quickly!

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  • Very practical and comfortable mats, ideal for shoes in the hallway. The idea of cells for garbage is wonderful. Made with high quality. 

Hallway mat to find out the price of Apple AirPods Pro headphones

In the new version of Apple’s most popular headphones, in addition to the updated design, active noise reduction has appeared, leveling external noise and replaceable silicone earbuds of several sizes, and the sound is now optimized for a specific user: the built-in processor analyzes the shape of the ear and the fit of the earbuds to it and adjusts the frequencies depending on this. And finally: a special zone has appeared on the leg of the headphones, which recognizes the force of pressing and thus allows you to control various things — for example, activate the audibility mode of the surrounding world and switch music tracks. 

Go to the store >>>>>Click on the picture to find out more reviews are being written:

  • I was very worried that he would come after reading contradictory reviews. Unpacking was filmed on video, and then there were already cases … Delivery to the postamate took 10 days, on time, which is very important to me. I checked the serial number on the box and the charging case -they match. Each earphone has its own serial number. I checked the apple website, everything is fine, added the date of purchase. The inscription on the cable is present. The phone recognizes everything perfectly, all functions work. All the checks I knew – the headphones passed. I recommend buying it! 

Apple AirPods Pro Headphones Learn the price of a humidifier

A beautiful and stylish antibacterial humidifier will take care of the comfort in your home. The sterilization system with UV radiation makes the vapor sprayed clean and useful. Convenient design of pouring water from above. Patented electric water valve with low noise. You will definitely not regret it when you buy this product. You will feel carefree and relaxed, as if you are breathing clean air in a mountain forest. Now there is a good discount on this humidifier on the website. Order directly from Russia for expedited delivery.

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  • The quality is on top. Delivered in three days. I connected with the application immediately. You can set four operating modes. Minimum moisture, average, maximum and set the percentage yourself. Let’s see how it will work in winter when the batteries are turned on.

Smart humidifier to know the price of a massage pillow

Sedentary work, study and other work processes completely kill the cervical spine. As you understand, we care about your comfort and health and recommend that you do the same. This does not require a doctor’s appointment (if we mean prevention, not treatment). A conventional massage device will suffice. Still remember the wonderful sensations of massage chairs in shopping malls? So, you won’t have to spend the cherished coins anymore, because you can buy a part of this chair home.

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  • There are different modes and heating.

Massage pillow to know the price of Digital smart alarm clock with backlight and radio

An alarm clock is what the morning starts with, and in order for it to start well, an alarm clock should be pleasant and functional. A digital smart alarm clock with a stylish design and comfortable backlight has many necessary and interesting functions. For example, by projecting a clock onto any surface, be it a wall or a ceiling. An FM radio, an air temperature and humidity sensor, several backlight modes, an adjustable tilt angle of the clock, as well as a delayed alarm function and the ability to set, save and repeat several alarms at the same time are also built into the alarm clock. By the way, the device can also be used as a makeup mirror due to its mirror surface and illumination. 

Go to the store >>>>>Click on the picture to find out more reviews are being written:

  • Two weeks before Novosibirsk, the seller sent the order on the same day. The watch is great. In principle, there are all functions. 3 options for backlighting the display (4 options without backlight), it is possible to set the auto-illumination. 3 projection options. The projection can be flipped by 180⁰. There is a radio, the station catches and remembers automatically, you can choose any alarm clock. It shows the temperature and humidity, how accurately it was not measured. The backlight is bright, blue, I liked it. The projection also looks great at any tilt. They work from a telephone charging unit. Included is a 1.5 meter usb/micro usb wire. I am happy with the purchase.

Digital Smart alarm Clock with backlight and radio know the price of a home mini sauna

This cool mini sauna is undoubtedly one of the most interesting finds on AliExpress. And, judging by the reviews, customers are delighted with her, because with her you can arrange a real spa session without leaving home. The compact steam room is a sealed tent with a steam generator, it occupies only one square meter, consumes electricity sparingly, has 9 different heating modes, a timer and is controlled by a remote control. This mini sauna promotes weight loss, perfectly relaxes muscles, helps to improve the condition of the skin and has a positive effect on the nervous system. 

Go to the store >>>>>Click on the picture to find out more reviews are being written:

  • Everything exactly matches the description. The steam is soft, the session lasts for about 15 minutes. I am completely satisfied with the product, I met all expectations. The size is normal – no longer required (height 183 cm). I bought a tourist folding chair. I took three sessions, the sensations are about the same as in the hammam.

Home mini-sauna to know the price of a heated toilet

A great thing for cold weather, especially if you like to walk for a long time or just spend a lot of time outside. The heating temperature can be adjusted. There is a fast delivery from Russia – the purchase will arrive to you faster than in two weeks.

Go to the store >>>>>Click on the picture to find out more reviews are being written:

  • A great jacket, lightweight, sewn comfortably and efficiently, really warms, the lining is made of heat-reflecting material! In this one, you can go fishing in winter, just put on something wind- and moisture-proof on top. The only thing you can find fault with is that for some reason the power button is displayed on the outside of the jacket, while it also glows, walking down the street at night with a glowing plaque on the chest is not quite good, for me, so it should be placed inside on the inner pocket where the USB wire is hidden.

Jacket with heating to find out the price of ceramic jewelry

A good opportunity to stock up on stylish gifts for loved ones or buy your favorite jewelry for yourself. The stunning HUADIE ceramic sets, which include earrings and a ring, have a discount and a promo code for 200 rubles.

Go to the store >>>>>Click on the picture to find out more reviews are being written:

  • The set is wonderful, I really liked it, the inserts and clasps of the earrings look like gold, they will not climb, they will not darken. In general, I am delighted. I recommend this seller, they came in a week.

A set of ceramic ornaments to know the value of a multifunctional hair dryer for beautiful hair

Just a gorgeous thing that can replace a whole arsenal of five styling devices. A multifunctional hair dryer in the form of a convenient comb initially dries the hair, giving it the desired shape. And thanks to the replaceable nozzles, you can quickly wind curls or straighten your hair with an iron. Stylish design, adjustable power temperature and speed and ease of use make this thing really indispensable. A great bonus when buying is also the fast delivery ”Plus”. 

Go to the store >>>>>Click on the picture to find out more reviews are being written:

  • I got everything and tested it. I can say one thing – a great thing. The hair dries and styles perfectly, and now I spend several times less time on styling my hair than on styling with a regular hair dryer. I am happy with the purchase.

Multifunctional hair dryer for beautiful hair Learn Cenuumny kettle-lamp REDMOND

Control the smart kettle from any distance! Just install the Ready for Sky mobile app, and all the features of the smart kettle will be available to you from your smartphone. You can set the temperature and turn on the water heating in one click. On your way home from work, turn on the SkyKettle G214S via the app, and when you get home, you can have a tea party without wasting time waiting. With the SkyKettle G214S, you can heat non-boiling water to 40, 55, 70 or 85°C using the instrument’s control panel. And with the help of a mobile application, you can easily set any heating temperature with an accuracy of 1 °C. You don’t have to boil water every time and wait for it to cool down to the right temperature to prepare baby food for the baby, mix a protein shake or brew your favorite kind of tea. Delivery from Russia by expedited delivery at half price on the website.

Go to the store >>>Click on the picture to find out more reviews are being written:

  • The kettle is super, connected with the application without any problems. It can be heated to any temperature, for example, to make food for the baby so as not to overheat. There are all sorts of games with colors for attention, memory. There is a disco mode.

Smart kettle-lamp Redmond to know the price of a lightweight down jacket

Women’s ultralight and thin puzovik is a super solution for autumn and winter. Compactly folded and packed in a small case, convenient to take with you on trips or store at home. You can choose from a variety of colors.

Go to the store >>>>>Click on the picture to find out more reviews are being written:

  • Super! The jacket is what you need! I am very happy with the purchase, this rarely happens. I took 6 on my 52-54. It fit perfectly. I came quickly. Sewn well. Thanks to the seller. I recommend it.

Lightweight down jacket to know the price of a foot lifesaver massager

Do your legs get tired every day? After an evening shower, put your feet on a soft massage mat, choose your favorite mode and its intensity: a pleasant vibration will relax your muscles, relieve puffiness and fatigue. An important detail: the composition of the mat includes silver ions, which protect against infections and fungus, and the mat itself is not afraid of washing.

Go to the store >>>>>Click on the picture to find out more reviews are being written:

  • A very cool thing, and it is clear that it is of high quality. It works perfectly, relaxes the legs. I put it not only on my feet, but also under my calves. I highly recommend it. This is my second thing from this company. One love.

Foot Lifesaver Massager Learn Xiaomi Electric Shaver with Powerful Battery

Xiaomi wireless razor with three 3D heads is a hit of sales and the best electric shaver on AliExpress 2021. Buyers note premium quality at a budget price (analogues of other well-known brands are much higher) and a powerful battery that holds a charge for a long time with daily use. The good news is that the goods are delivered quickly from Russia.

Go to the store >>>>>Click on the picture to find out more reviews are being written:

  • The razor is a credit! I was afraid that the big stubble would tear. But no, everything is fine, shaves without pain, the charge lasts about 8 times for 5 minutes of shaving.

Xiaomi electric shaver with a powerful accumulator to know the price of a long and warm men’s down jacket

The elongated fitted autumn-spring down jacket is created especially for those who appreciate convenience, style and quality. Double zipper, five zippered pockets, windproof cuffs, detachable collar, warming insert on the back, and as a nice bonus – fast delivery from Russia. Different sizes and colors will allow you to choose the right model specifically to your taste. 

Go to the store >>>>>Click on the picture to find out more reviews are being written:

  • Excellent quality! No defects. The fabric is dense, water-repellent. Not shiny, pleasant to the touch. The color is dark green (Army green). It appears black in room light. Very warm, and quite weighty. For my height of 187 cm and weight of 70 kg, the 3XL size sat perfectly. This size was recommended by the seller. The sleeves are not in the butt. There is a stock. The style is more form-fitting. The length is almost to the knees. It is very important for winter. I recommend the seller, for such a price you can’t buy anything at the place!

Elongated and warm men’s down jacket to know the price



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