The average age of motherhood in Russia has increased to 29 years

“We see that over the past 10 years, the average age of our mothers has increased from 27 years to almost 29 years. And this largely reduces the number of births,” Kotyakov said during a speech at the XIII Gaidar Forum (quoted by TASS).

He stressed that the same trends are observed in Western countries.

A survey of demographers conducted by RIA Novosti in June 2021 showed that the average age of births in Russia is shifting towards 30 years. They also stressed that the increase in the number of births at a late age may be associated with the development of reproductive technologies, and regional peculiarities may influence the earlier age of motherhood.

One of the experts, Deputy Head of the International Laboratory of Demography and Human Capital of the Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEI) of RANEPA Sergey Shulgin explained that in In Italy, the average age of birth for a woman is approximately 31 years — over the next 30-40 years, Russia may also come to this indicator.



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