Moscow authorities allowed the introduction of new restrictions due to Omicron

He noted that the city is ready to work under time constraints. “We will certainly resort to them if such a need arises. Only in a situation when the capacity of our medical institutions will be at the limit,” Yefimov said.

He added that in previous waves, decisions on the introduction of restrictions were made point-by-point, according to the situation and allowed “almost painlessly for the economy to overcome peak situations.”

“Therefore, in this situation, we will also look at the level of morbidity, but most importantly, at the number of hospitalizations …, therefore, we will make operational decisions on the introduction or non-introduction of restrictions, based on the number of hospitalizations and the load of the Moscow healthcare system,” Yefimov said.

According to him, it is premature to say exactly what restrictions can be introduced, but “their set is clear”, the scenarios have been worked out.



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