The number of cases of coronavirus infection in the United States has exceeded 60 million

According to him, 60,062,077 cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in the United States since the beginning of the epidemic, 837,504 people have died from the effects of the disease.

Since December 2021, more than 100 thousand cases of infection per day have been recorded in the country every day. The incidence began to increase after the celebration of Thanksgiving (November 25), when millions of Americans went to visit their relatives and friends.

Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) The United States reported on December 20, 2021, that the omicron strain of coronavirus has become dominant in the country, accounting for about three-quarters of cases of infection. In a number of areas, including in the south-east and north-west of the USA, the proportion of those infected with the omicron strain exceeds 90%.

In total, according to the university, 306.6 million cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in the world, and 5.4 million people died from the consequences of the disease. The United States continues to take the first place in these two indicators.



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