Israel has allowed the entry of vaccinated “Satellite” tourists into the country

“We are grateful to the Israeli side for its efforts to ensure conditions for the resumption of trips of citizens vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine to Israel for tourist and pilgrimage purposes in compliance with the requirements established by the Israeli Ministry of Health,” the diplomatic mission said in a statement.

The relevant information is also published on the website of the Israeli Ministry of Health, where the Russian vaccine is included in the list of vaccines that allow foreigners to enter the country from January 9.

At the same time, the diplomatic mission notes that “technical nuances” remain, which could potentially complicate the entry and stay of Russian citizens in Israel.

In particular, tourists vaccinated with Sputnik will need to receive a positive serological test result for the presence of antibodies to COVID, performed in Israel.

Questions of entry of tourists from Russia will require “additional consultations through the relevant departments of our countries,” the Russian diplomatic mission notes.

“In particular, they relate to the verification of the authenticity of vaccination certificates issued in Russia; the procedure for passing serological tests; the procedure for mandatory self-isolation; the conditions of entry of citizens vaccinated with other Russian-made vaccines, as well as those who have been ill and children,” the embassy notes.

Earlier on Thursday, the radio station “Gaalei IDF” reported that foreigners vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine will be able to enter Israel starting from Sunday, January 9. According to the radio station, Israel will not prevent the entry of Russians vaccinated with Sputnik V, despite the objections of the Ministry of Health.

Since January 9, the Israeli authorities have allowed entry into the country to vaccinated and COVID-infected foreigners from countries with moderate morbidity, the press service of the Ministry of Health reported. Those entering will need to fulfill a number of conditions, the Ministry of Health notes — before boarding the plane, fill out an online form on the government website, take a PCR or antigen test, take a PCR test at the entrance to Israel and observe isolation for a day before receiving a negative result.



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