The most popular professions of 2022 have been named

It is not worth expecting that the labor market will change dramatically, Valinurov noted. Society’s need for certain personnel has been developing over the years. But some trends can be traced.

In particular, according to the owner of a group of recruiting agencies, sales-related professions will be relevant in 2022. He referred to them specialists in the field of advertising and marketing. Valinurov believes that vacancies in these specialties will take up to half of job offers.

Following the trade, the sphere of delivery and logistics will begin to grow, Valinurov predicted. “The number of marketplaces is growing, production volumes are increasing accordingly, and someone has to supply all this,” the recruiter added.

In addition, the request for taxi drivers will remain, according to a labor market specialist. In his opinion, this is because people in Russia is gradually beginning to realize that it is cheaper to use the services of a carrier than to maintain your own car.

Among other things, there will be a need in the labor market for people associated with digitalization. However, Valinurov stressed, we are not talking about IT directors, but people who are able to think strategically, ready to engage in digital transformation and offer new approaches within the company.

“What worries me about the trends that I have named is the growth of unskilled personnel. That is, the same taxi drivers are essentially robots, they drive on the navigator, no special qualifications are required here. If we are talking about more complex positions, for example, chief operating officer, it is clear that there are always such vacancies. But these are not mass positions, there cannot be 10 thousand of them on the market at the same time, as it can be with taxi drivers,” Valinurov summed up.



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