The climatologist told what the weather will be like in 2022

The processes taking place in the Pacific Ocean will lead to the fact that the air temperature in the world in 2022 will be lower than in 2020, and about the same as in 2021, he believes.

“I am speaking on the basis of the fact that the phenomenon of La Niña is developing in the vast territory of the Pacific Ocean (the water surface is getting colder due to strong winds, which affects the climate. – Editor’s note), which means that an increased flow of heat will be directed from the atmosphere to the ocean,” Kokorin predicts.

In 2022, the inhabitants of the Earth will face abnormal temperature changes and uneven precipitation falling in different periods of the year, the expert continued.

“The long-term trend towards the formation of unstable and nervous weather will continue. That is, sharp temperature changes in 2022 will continue, as well as large-scale precipitation or their abnormal absence,” Kokorin said.

Over time, La Niña will be replaced by another period – El Niño, when the ocean surface warms and the climate becomes warmer, he added.

In general, due to global climate change, there will be a slow increase in air temperature in the next decades, the climatologist concluded.



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