The “song” of the rarest leopard was caught on video in Primorye

The camera trap installed on the animal trail in the national park “Land of the Leopard” recorded the voice of the rarest large cat in the world — the red-book Far Eastern leopard.

“The camera captured the process of vocalization, which helps animals communicate with each other. The video allowed scientists to identify the spotted screamer – it turned out to be a leopard with an unusual name Oniisan, which in Japanese means “big brother”. Identification was carried out by a unique pattern of spots on the predator’s skin,” the employees of the Land of the Leopard report.

Oniisan carefully looked into the lens of the automatic camera, and then went to the edge of the “observation deck” at the top of the mountain range and left his marks.

“The leopard showed the natural behavior of the dominant male, showed himself to be the owner of the territory, and also left information about himself in the scent tag. This is how animals communicate and sometimes attract a “soul mate”,” experts explained.

According to the latest data in 110 Far Eastern leopards have been recorded in Russia. This is still not enough to fully restore the population, but progress is obvious: at the beginning of the XXI century, only 35 Far Eastern leopards remained in the wild.

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Anna Lysenko

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