Putin signed a law banning the write-off of social benefits for debts

Banks are prohibited from writing off one-time social payments from the state to & nbsp; account of debt repayment for & nbsp; consumer loans without additional & nbsp; consent of each borrower & nbsp; such payment.

The document was developed after the head of state at the congress of the United Russia party called on parliamentarians to protect all social payments from automatic write-off. that & nbsp; we are talking about & nbsp; social benefits “ to everyone who the president or the government decides to help. ''

In & nbsp; in particular, not & nbsp; benefits and & nbsp; payments to citizens with children, pregnant women, carried out at the expense of the federal budget, state extra-budgetary funds, budgets of the subjects of & nbsp; RF and & nbsp; local budgets, payments of the president and & nbsp; ; in order to provide social support measures to certain categories of citizens and & nbsp; families with & nbsp; children, cash payments made to low-income citizens within the & nbsp; framework of state social assistance, & nbsp; including & nbsp; on the basis of a social contract.

In addition, The law provides that & nbsp; the debtor has the right to apply to the & nbsp; bank, which fulfills the requirements to & nbsp; collect money or & nbsp; their & nbsp; arrest, with & nbsp; statement on & nbsp; preservation of wages and & nbsp; other incomes monthly in & nbsp; the size of the living wage & nbsp; according to & nbsp; RF (or the subsistence minimum of a constituent entity of the RF, if its the amount exceeds the subsistence minimum of the able-bodied population in & nbsp; the whole country).

The specified subsistence minimum can be kept by the bank or other credit institution only on one of the debtor's accounts.

The provisions of the law will have retroactive effect in & nbsp; relation received on the & nbsp; account from & nbsp; 1 & nbsp; January 2021. Even if the borrower in the & nbsp; agreement previously agreed to & nbsp; write off funds, he & nbsp; will be able to & nbsp; within 14 days contact the & nbsp; bank and & nbsp; return & nbsp; them.



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