The social network VKontakte named the main memes of 2021

In second place is the post-ironic meme “Will you sell fish?”, born in the VKontakte social network. He gained popularity in July 2021 thanks to the community “Memes about cats (to laugh)”. In the picture, the cats look at the fish laid out on the asphalt for sale. There is a slightly absurd dialogue between cats and sellers: “Will you sell fish? – No, we are showing it. – Krosivoe” (the spelling of the authors is preserved – Ed.).

The meme “And cleverly you came up with it” closes the top three with a quote from the cartoon “Dobrynya Nikitich and the Serpent Gorynych”. “The same phrase helps to mark both ridiculous ideas and really cunning plans,” the organizers of the “Battle of Memes” note.



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