The freezing of the soap bubble was shown on video

Watch this bubble freeze up in real time

— Kyle Brittain (@KyleTWN) December 29, 2021

Meteorologist Kyle Britten from He showed how a soap bubble freezes during a severe frost. It turns into a fabulous ball with patterns that bloom literally before our eyes.

“Frozen” soap bubbles are a well-known winter entertainment. To create them, a few drops of glycerin are added to a solution of water with soap, shampoo or dishwashing detergent, and in Canada — also a teaspoon of maple syrup to make the patterns more structured. The frost for such a “procedure” should be at least minus 9-10 degrees, but the more, the better.

Usually the bubble freezes quite quickly, but Britten’s video allows you to consider the “little winter miracle” in detail.

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