Nasal “Sputnik V” will appear in early 2022

The Gamalei Center assured that the Sputnik V vaccine for the nose will also be effective against the omicron strain of coronavirus. Moreover, not only in terms of protection against infection, but also in terms of preventing transmission of the virus.

The head of the center, Alexander Ginzburg, said earlier that the new nasal vaccine will protect against covid, including those who have already been vaccinated with other drugs. In November, he said that the nasal vaccine did not show any side effects.

The nasal vaccine was previously tested by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The head of State said that he inhaled the powder through a syringe. The Russian leader admitted that he did not feel anything. He noted that doctors recommended him to be re-vaccinated with the vaccine through his nose. Later, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that after the revaccination, Putin has a high level of antibodies. And Putin made the first vaccination with Sputnik V.



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