NATO calls Russia the main air threat of 2021

The total number of flights of the alliance for & nbsp; year was 370, and & nbsp; specifically with & nbsp; Thep reports 290 of them, & nbs Associated Press.

According to the alliance, most of the interceptions were related to Russia's “activity” in the Baltic states. Incidents, as a rule, took place without incident.

On December 9 & nbsp; Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces & nbsp; RF Valery Gerasimov said that & nbsp; US strategic aviation increased the number of flights at & nbsp; Russia's eastern borders. He & nbsp; noted that, in & nbsp; in particular, the Americans are training cruise missile launches.

The day before & nbsp; the Russian Su-27 escorted in the & nbsp; skies over the & nbsp; Black Sea military aircraft of France Rafale. and & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Mirage-2000 & raquo ;.

3 & nbsp; December 3, a civilian plane flying from & nbsp; Tel Aviv to & nbsp; Moscow, was forced to change course over the & nbsp; Black Sea to avoid a dangerous approach with & nbsp; American aircraft – scout. It was noted that & nbsp; a military aircraft randomly crossed the established civil aviation routes and & nbsp; approached & nbsp; a passenger Airbus.

According to & nbsp; the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova, the actions of the US Air Force created a threat to civil aviation. She stressed that & nbsp; if, in this case, the disaster was averted, this does not & nbsp; mean that & nbsp; the United States and & nbsp; NATO can risk the lives of people with impunity.



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