In Russia, for the first time since September, less than 22,000 cases of coronavirus have been detected

For the entire period of the pandemic in 10,437,152 cases of the disease were detected in Russia. 9,337,447 patients were cured of COVID-19, and 306,090 died.

In Moscow, 1,705 cases of infection were detected during the day. 3111 people recovered from the virus in a day, 73 died.

A high daily increase in the incidence of coronavirus was also registered in St. Petersburg — 1802 cases, Moscow region – 1574, Sverdlovsk region – 544, Irkutsk region – 529, Perm Region – 511 cases.

As of December 24, the level of collective immunity to coronavirus in Russia is 60.4%. About 77.9 million Russians were vaccinated with the first component of the vaccine, 73.1 million people were fully vaccinated.



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