Vampire orchid bloomed in the “Apothecary’s garden”

“A rare vampire orchid from South America, the sinister and beautiful Dracula bloomed at the largest festival of orchids, carnivorous plants and cacti “Tropical Winter” in the botanical garden of the Moscow State University “Aptekarsky Vegetable Garden,” the message says.

The press service clarified that in nature this species grows in the tropical misty forests of Colombia and Ecuador at an altitude of 1.3 – 2.1 thousand meters.

“The scientific name of the genus Dracula means “little dragon”. The Gothic plant is of great collectible value for orchid hunters from all over the world, and its flowers resemble the muzzle of a monkey. Aptekarsky Ogorod presents the largest in Russia has a collection of dramatic Draculas,” the article notes.

Earlier it was reported that the Tropical Winter festival opened in the botanical garden, within which until the spring of 2022 visitors will be able to see more than a thousand orchids of different shapes and sizes, collections of cacti, aloe and agave and other plants.



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