Rakova: the drawings of apartments and cars did not have a special effect to stimulate vaccination

“We are introducing motivational measures. And everyone knows that apartments were played, and cars were played, and we offer a “Health box” to people of retirement age, if you don’t want a “Health Box” — 10 thousand. But I have not seen such a super effect from these measures,” Ms. Rakova said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

She noted that two factors can influence the rate of vaccination — an increase in morbidity and restrictions or certain circumstances, for example, the introduction of mandatory vaccination for service workers.

“As soon as they started talking at the beginning of November that mandatory QR codes would be introduced, a federal law was introduced, we also received an increase in those wishing to get vaccinated, somewhere 35-40 thousand daily,” she added.

The State Duma last week approved in the first reading a government draft of amendments to the law “On sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population”, regulating the introduction in the regions of certificates of the immune status of citizens vaccinated against covid, who have undergone it or have a medical withdrawal from vaccination. The presence of a certificate containing a QR code may be a condition for visiting a number of public places.



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