Folk signs for December 26: should we wait for heat

On December 26 , the church honors the memory of the memory of St. Arkady Vyazemsky and Novotorzhsky, who lived in the XI century. In Russia, it was believed that on this day the “evil spirit” was plotting – sending whirlwinds and blizzards on people.

The weather was watched very closely by the people, because it was believed that it was possible to find out what the whole year would be like. What is the weather on December 26 — this will be the whole of January, December 27 corresponds to February, March 28, and so on.

Frost indicates the approach of frost and blizzards. The stars are clearly visible in the sky – it will get colder soon. Windows are sweating — there is warming. Birds boldly sit down on the snow and jump on the ground — another sure sign that the frosts will recede. The sun sets in a big cloud — a blizzard is possible at night.



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