The American military joked about Biden on the air

In the United States, the president’s phone calls to employees of military departments are traditionally broadcast. This time, after the conversation, one of the soldiers congratulated Biden and his wife on the upcoming Christmas.

“Merry Christmas and go ahead, Brandon,” the man jokingly said. To which the president replied: “I agree, go ahead, Brandon.” It was not clear from Biden’s reaction whether he knew the meaning of this phrase, but Jill Biden, who was sitting next to him, laughed and then rolled her eyes.

CALLER: “Merry Christmas and Lets Go Brandon:”

BIDEN: “Lets Go Brandon, I agree”

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) December 24, 2021

The phrase “Go ahead, Brandon” appeared during the October NASCAR races in Alabama and became winged. During an interview with a racing participant named Brandon, fans began shouting “to hell with Biden,” and a reporter who was interviewed told viewers that fans were chanting “go ahead, Brandon.” Since then, this phrase has been used as a censored version of swearing at the President of America.

Earlier it was reported that on Wednesday, December 22, Biden passed a PCR test. He showed a negative result, despite the recent contact of the country’s leader with a coronavirus infection.

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