NYT learns of US plans to transfer intelligence to Ukraine in case of Russian attack

According to the newspaper's interlocutors, we can talk about & nbsp; images showing the movement of Russian troops for & nbsp; crossing the Ukrainian border. If such information is passed on at the & nbsp; right time, it can help the Ukrainian military prevent an attack, NYT wrote. Now US intelligence & nbsp; is already transferring more materials to Kiev than & nbsp; it was before & nbsp; the increase in the Russian military contingent near & nbsp; the border with & nbsp; Ukraine, one of the & nbsp; sources told the publication.

However, the transfer of such information to Ukraine may lead to & nbsp; the fact that & nbsp; Kiev decides to hit first & nbsp; & mdash; such a potential problem is recognized by officials in the & nbsp; United States, says NYT. According to & nbsp; & nbsp; her sources, Russia could use such a scenario to explain the operation on & nbsp; Ukraine to the Russian public. The provision of intelligence to Ukraine will have to be approved by US President Joe Biden, such a move could provoke a protest from Russia, which considers any US military assistance to Ukraine a provocation, the newspaper added.

US administration officials are discussing how to avoid aggravating relations between Russia and & nbsp; Ukraine , but & nbsp; are considering and & nbsp; ways to best help Kiev, NYT noted. According to & nbsp; according to her & nbsp; sources, among other ideas & nbsp; & mdash; redeployment to & nbsp; Ukraine of helicopters and & nbsp; other equipment that was previously used in & nbsp; Afghanistan. The possibility of a business trip to & nbsp; Ukraine for cybersecurity specialists is also being considered: the United States and & nbsp; Great Britain & nbsp; have already sent several experts there to & nbsp; strengthen the protection, claims The New York Times.

Russian authorities reject plans to attack & nbsp; Ukraine. Kiev in & nbsp; lately so often talks about & nbsp; war that & nbsp; “ there is an impression that maybe [there] is preparing a third military operation ''; in & nbsp; Donbass, Vladimir Putin said at the & nbsp; annual press conference.



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