“One patient infects everyone”: how not to catch coronavirus at a New Year’s corporate party

The time of New Year’s corporate parties is approaching. However, during a pandemic and during the infection season, participation in such events increases the risk of catching coronavirus, as well as contracting influenza or SARS. Doctors told Izvestia how to reduce health risks during a party with colleagues.

Can one patient infect everyone

Doctors told how to protect themselves from coronavirus and flu at a New Year’s corporate party. According to them, in order to infect all the guests present at the party, only one sick person is enough.

As noted by the therapist, the author of the book “While the Ambulance is going” Andrey Calls, to reduce the risk of infection, it is better to hold a corporate party in a separate room, rather than a common room of the restaurant, and limit the number of guests to employees who are usually already in the office.

According to Zvonkov, “huge companies in rooms where everyone is dancing, drinking and rejoicing are places where there are all conditions for rapid transmission of infection.”

If there are five or six people, it’s not scary, but getting into big companies in a pandemic is a big risk.Andrey Zvonkovvrach

In order to arrange a meeting of the team in the COVID-free format, you need to invite only the vaccinated part of the team to it. Despite the fact that vaccination does not provide one hundred percent protection against the virus, it reduces the risk of infection and facilitates the course of the disease, if a person does catch an infection, therefore it is better to make sure that the unvaccinated do not come to the corporate party, the doctor believes.

— It is necessary to agree in advance that only vaccinated people will come to the party, and the rest should take care— – the therapist concludes.

What security rules should be followed at a corporate party

In 2021, unlike in the past, corporate parties are officially allowed. Cafes and restaurants accept applications for the organization of holidays, but with some restrictions. For example, the number of guests should not exceed 50 people in a separate room equipped with an air recirculator with an ultraviolet irradiation function.

According to the therapist, senior medical consultant of the Teledoctor24 service Maria Menshikova, when holding a corporate party during the infection season, the consciousness of everyone present is important: those who feel even the initial signs of the disease (runny nose, weakness, tickling or sore throat), it is better to stay at home.

However, it often happens that a person is a carrier of the virus and does not have any symptoms. Therefore, it is better to spend the maximum amount of time in personal protective equipment – masks, wash your hands more often and treat them with antiseptic.Daria Kirillovavrach-therapist of the FNCC FMBA of Russia

According to her, at a corporate party, you can catch not only coronavirus, but also any other virus transmitted by airborne droplets: SARS, influenza or rotavirus infection. The best prevention against any infections is to strengthen immunity and minimize contacts with a large number of people or people with signs of infection.

— The most effective ways to increase the level of protection of the body include a balanced diet, sleep for at least 8 hours daily, as well as hardening procedures and physical exercises, even if it is hiking in the fresh air. Vaccination is strongly recommended in relation to vaccine-controlled infections, – the interlocutor of Izvestia notes.

Before and after the meeting, you can use drops to moisten the mucous membrane, and then, when you return home, it will not be superfluous to rinse your nose with salt water — this is a simple and good remedy for the prevention of infections.

Snacks and drinks at the corporate party

In order to hold a corporate party without unpleasant consequences, doctors recommend not to overeat and not to abuse alcohol. According to the deputy chief physician of the branch of the network of medical centers Polyclinic.According to Elena Tkach, the most “difficult” for the liver and pancreas is the combination of alcohol and fatty foods, therefore it is better to limit their consumption.

Revealed the fees of Russian stars at New Year’s corporate parties

— It is better to choose a grape group from drinks (wine, cognac, sparkling wine), cereal drinks (whiskey, beer, vodka) are also acceptable. To maintain water balance, you need to drink a glass of water per serving of alcohol— the doctor advises.

Maria Menshikova, in turn, recommends “not to attack everything at once — the food will not run away anywhere, and the glutton looks ugly.” Enjoy the dish, savoring every bite — the first impulses from food enter the brain only after 15 minutes.

– Do not set yourself prohibitions in terms of food, otherwise remorse from an extra salad, dessert, glass will spoil all the fun. It’s better to eat a little of everything—” she says. – And try not to sit at the table all the time — go out to dance, move around, it will give new strength in the fight against goodies.

According to a survey conducted by online platforms Lamoda and hh.ru , every second Russian is going to attend a New Year’s corporate party. 61% of the party will be held offline, another 23% will hold online meetings. 22% of respondents do not plan any events.

The majority of Russians (41%) admitted that they attend New Year’s corporate parties from time to time, another 39% always come to meetings with colleagues. At the same time, every second respondent believes that a corporate party is a great opportunity to communicate with colleagues in an informal setting and show themselves, and almost every tenth (9%) admitted that he likes to eat at the expense of the company. Most of them are mass media employees (15%), logisticians (10%) and HR specialists (10%).



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