One holiday, but two dates. Why do Catholics and Orthodox celebrate Christmas on different days

The Nativity of Christ

This holiday is one of the main spiritual holidays for Christians. It was installed in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ, hence the name of the celebration. According to the biblical teaching, the Virgin Mary came with her husband Joseph to Bethlehem after the decree of King Herod to conduct a census.

The couple was sheltered by shepherds, and at night the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus. The shepherds were the first to bow to him, to whom the angels announced the birth of Christ. Then came the magi, who followed the light of the star, who presented gold, frankincense and myrrh as a gift.

Since everything happened at night, it is customary to start celebrating Christmas the night before – on Christmas Eve. On this day, believers set the table and start eating only after the first star appears in the sky.



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