Channel One has decided on the name of the program “Field of Miracles”

The change of the manufacturer will not affect the name and format of the “Field of Miracles” program, the press service of Channel One told RBC.

The First Channel, which will independently produce The Field of Miracles from January, and the VID TV company, which previously produced the show, have decided to keep its historical name. The presenter of the program, as before, will be Leonid Yakubovich. The project is part of the history of the “First”, the press service noted.

An artist from Russia came up with Lego based on the “Field of Miracles”

In addition, the channel and the TV company have agreed that the show will not be played on other channels. VID will also transfer the entire archive of the program to Channel One, which is more than one and a half thousand issues.

At the “First” they expressed gratitude to the TV company for allowing the channel to keep both the historical name “Field of Miracles” and the host, and handed over the archives.

The fact that Channel One will not renew the contract with VID became known at the end of November. The channel stated that the conclusion of a new contract is impractical “on the changed conditions proposed to the channel.”

At the “First” they decided to release their own show-analogue. To do this, the channel has agreed with the American CBS to acquire the official rights to the Wheel Of Fortune quiz show. Its format initially formed the basis of the program. It was announced that from January 2022 the show will be released under the name “Our Field of Miracles”. Its host, as before, was to remain Leonid Yakubovich.



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