British experts called an “unusual” symptom when infected with omicron

One of the unusual symptoms after infection with a new variant of the coronavirus “omicron” is loss of appetite. This is reported by the British edition of Express with reference to the results of a study by the ZOE Covid Symptom team – an application in which users note symptoms.

Experts conducted a study based on data from an application that tracks the most frequent signs of COVID-19.

Based on these data, it turned out that 50% of patients with the omicron strain most often had a runny nose, fatigue increased, and patients also complained of frequent sneezing, sore throat and headache.

In addition, several patients complained of loss of appetite, the scientists found.

Director of the Institute of Health Economics Larisa Popovich, in a conversation with RBC, called loss of appetite a “non-specific” symptom.

“In general, COVID-19 causes fatigue, and therefore a decrease in mood, which may be associated with loss of appetite. I don’t think this is a specific symptom on the basis of which a diagnosis can be made,” the expert explained.

The infectious disease specialist, pediatrician, professor of the Department of Pediatrics of the M. F. Vladimirsky MONICA Elena Meskina agreed with her. “In general, this is a common symptom that is present with any infection,” she told RBC.

In early December, the deputy director for Clinical Work of the Moscow Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology named after G. N. Gabrichevsky of Rospotrebnadzor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Tatiana Ruzhentsova reported that the main symptoms of the omicron strain of coronavirus are weakness and fatigue. She also noted that most patients still complain of fever.

The expert warned that with these symptoms, the patient’s lungs and other organs may be affected, which is typical for a coronavirus. Now scientists have little information about the characteristics of the omicron-COVID-19 strain, however, she assured, there will be more data soon.



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