Defense of Navalny Yankauskas' associate appealed against the decision to extend the house arrest

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MOSCOW, July 17./ITAR- The defense of Konstantin Yankauskas, an associate of the Progress Party leader Aleksey Navalny, appealed against the decision to extend his house arrest. ITAR-TASS was informed by one of Yankauskas' lawyers Sergey Panchenko.

“Today I have filed a complaint about the extension of house arrest for Jankauskas, and I am also filing a complaint with the Moscow City Court presidium about the initial house arrest of my client. In addition, I am sending a corresponding complaint about the selection of this measure of restraint by the court to the European Court of Human Rights, “the lawyer said./p>

He added that he had appealed in the Presnensky Court of Moscow against the refusal of the Investigative Committee to allow Yankauskas to appear at the Moscow Election Commission to submit documents for registration as a candidate for the Moscow City Duma. “Today I was informed that perhaps this complaint will be returned to me and the court will refuse to consider it,” Panchenko said.

Jankauskas is accused of large-scale fraud. The investigation considers him involved in the theft of funds collected for the election campaign of Alexei Navalny during the 2013 mayoral elections in Moscow. On Wednesday, the Presnensky court extended his preventive measure in the form of house arrest until October 17.



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