Asmus complained about the salary in the theater

In her Instagram post, Asmus told about an extremely difficult November: the artist spent almost the whole month in the hospital because of her daughter’s illnesses and ailments. She recommended subscribers to get vaccinated, because getting sick is “very, very painful.” In response to this, one of the users of the social network asked why Asmus does not advise to devote less time to work.

“And to maintain your immunity, get enough sleep and not abuse your own health reserves in an attempt to earn all the money in the world, why don’t you advise,” the fan wrote.

Asmus partially agreed with the subscriber, but pointed out to her the discrepancy between reality and the fan’s ideas about the life of the “Interns” star.

“I advise you, even as. But I will also write that you do not know how everything works in my life, including. So don’t. And it’s especially funny about money in priority, especially considering my main place of work is the theater, with a salary of 21,700 rubles a month,” the actress replied.

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