Ukraine called NATO's plan to “contain” Russia useless

As he & nbsp; told in an & nbsp; interview with the Financial Times on December 12 & nbsp; strategy of 'non-provocation' in & nbsp; in relation to & nbsp; RF & nbsp; does not & nbsp; work and & nbsp; will never & nbsp ;.

In & nbsp; as an example to & nbsp; to confirm his position, the minister recalled the events of 2008. Then Russia, according to & nbsp; he, allegedly helped South Ossetia repel an attack by Georgia after France and & nbsp; Germany blocked the country's entry into & nbsp; NATO.

In addition, in this & nbsp; & nbsp; interview Reznikov accused the government former German Chancellor Angela Merkel in & nbsp; blocking the acquisition of deadly weapons by Kiev within NATO.

He & nbsp; recalled that & nbsp; & nbsp; last month Germany vetoed & nbsp; Ukraine's purchase of anti-sniper rifles and & nbsp; & nbsp; … With & nbsp; it is noted that & nbsp; later Berlin softened its position on rifles, recognizing them & nbsp; non-lethal weapons.

With & nbsp; December 12 & nbsp; Ukrainian Ambassador to & nbsp; Germany Andriy Melnik expressed the opinion that & nbsp; Kiev is not & nbsp; worth & nbsp; wait from & nbsp; Berlin for the supply of weapons under & nbsp; Chancellor Scholze. According to & nbsp; he said, the previous leadership of the FRG explained their refusal to & nbsp; provide weapons with the risk of a military escalation of the conflict in the & nbsp; Donbass, despite & nbsp; & nbsp; “ occupation by Russia '' parts of the Ukrainian territory. The same & nbsp; illogical position, the diplomat is sure, Germany will keep and & nbsp; under the & nbsp; new chancellor.