Kremlin calls Biden's statement about US troops in Europe aggressive

“Too much aggressive rhetoric we've been hearing from across the & nbsp; ocean in & nbsp; last weeks. This, unfortunately, & nbsp; does not contribute to the relaxation of tension & nbsp; & nbsp; & mdash; Peskov told the radio station “ Moscow Says. '' 😉 will happen & nbsp;.

In the & nbsp; conversation of the leaders of the two countries on December 7 & nbsp; Biden called on Putin to & nbsp; de-escalation and & nbsp; return to & nbsp; diplomacy in & nbsp; the situation around & nbsp; Ukraine. Biden warned the Russian president that & nbsp; in the & nbsp; case of a military escalation in & nbsp; the situation with & nbsp; Ukraine, the United States and & nbsp; their & nbsp; allies would accept “ serious economic and & nbsp; other ''; measures. Later, Vladimir Putin, answering the & nbsp; question of Kommersant, is going to & nbsp; whether & nbsp; Moscow to attack, said that & nbsp; Russia is pursuing a peaceful foreign policy, but & nbsp; has the right to defend itself.