Volodin named the conditions for the adoption of the law on QR codes

The politician pointed out that & nbsp; President Vladimir Putin asked not to & nbsp; allow 'rash decisions' and & nbsp; noted that & nbsp; considers it correct to discuss these bills proceeding from the & nbsp; position voiced by the head of state.

He & nbsp; underlined and & nbsp; Putin's other positions on & nbsp; this issue & nbsp; & mdash; that & nbsp; the bill should be further developed in & nbsp; regions, that & nbsp; parliament should not & nbsp; create additional problems for & nbsp; people & nbsp; and & nbsp; to make the procedure extremely clear and & nbsp; transparent, and & nbsp; that & nbsp; it is necessary to understand whether & nbsp; is the transport system ready & nbsp; not to & nbsp; not restrict the rights of people, but & nbsp; ensure the safety and & nbsp; health of citizens.

The President always emphasized that it is necessary not to impose, but to convince. Prove that vaccination is better than disease. He noted the importance of voluntariness of vaccinations – any imposed decision can be circumvented.Vyacheslav Volodin

Volodin said that & nbsp; meetings of the factions in the & nbsp; Duma will take place on December 13 & nbsp;, government representatives will participate in & nbsp; and & nbsp; promised to inform about the & nbsp; results. & Nbsp; >