Ukraine predicted the end of gas reserves in a few months

Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Kinakh: gas supply interruptions will begin in the country by January-February

Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Anatoly Kinakh predicted that by January-February 2022, gas supply interruptions will begin in the country. He stated this on the air of the YouTube channel UkrLife.

According to him, Kiev has failed the program of filling the storage facilities with gas, which will lead to the rapid end of reserves. He noted that now the storage facilities are 30-40 percent less volume than what should be according to regulatory requirements. Kinakh added that this will primarily affect housing and communal needs.

Earlier it was reported that the price of imported gas in Ukraine soared four times in a year, to more than $ 730 per thousand cubic meters. At the same time, the average price of imported natural gas in the country as of November last year was about $ 182.5 per thousand cubic meters. The republic consumes up to 23 billion cubic meters of gas a year, of which 13 billion cubic meters is gas produced by Naftogaz and private companies. Kiev imports the rest of the fuel.



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