The series “Manyunya” will begin on December 15, 2021 on Okko

The premiere of the long-awaited film adaptation of Narine Abgaryan's story “Manyunya” in Okko since December 15

Okko multimedia service, part of the Sberbank ecosystem 2021 will show the long-awaited screen version of Narine Abgaryan's story “Manyunya”. The comedy series, consisting of 10 episodes up to 24 minutes in duration, will be exclusively available in Full HD format at no additional cost in Optimum, Premium and SberPrime subscriptions for all registered Okko users in iOS, Android, Smart TV applications, on Okko SmartBox, SberBox and on

The premiere screening of “Manyuni” took place within the framework of the out-of-competition serial show of the 32nd Kinotavr Open Russian Film Festival in Sochi. Also, the first episodes of the film adaptation were shown at the Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair and during the launch of the Okko service in Armenia, where the series was personally presented by Narine Abgaryan, the author of the story and winner of the “Best Children's Author of the Decade” award.

“Manyunya” is a comedy fiction series for children, adolescents and those adults who, going into a detailed life, deliberately leave the door to the past ajar in order to be able to return there at least occasionally. Armenia, 1979. Mountains, sunshine, beautiful green meadows and a holiday feeling. After a funny episode at school, the girls Narine (Karina Kagramanyan) and Manyunya (Ekaterina Temnova) become best friends. Very quickly, funny relatives of the main characters appear in the frame. Especially notable is Ba (voiced by Nonna Grishaeva), Manyuni's grandmother. Narine was very afraid of a strict woman, but during their acquaintance it turned out that Ba was baking cookies and a delicious apple pie melting in his mouth.

Fidget girls are waiting for a lot of funny adventures. This series is a nostalgic story about two Soviet families, in the center of which is the real bright friendship of schoolgirls. The series is narrated from the perspective of the narrator, the adult Narine. The offscreen text is touchingly and sensually read by actresses Chulpan Khamatova, Svetlana Ivanova, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Elena Podkaminskaya and Marina Aleksandrova, who treat the literary source with trepidation and love.

On the eve of the premiere, the bookstores of the Novy Knizhny, Bukvoed and Labyrinth chains throughout Russia, the Ozon and Wildberries marketplaces, as well as the Auchan and Okay hypermarkets will go on sale a specially republished book Manyunya from the AST publishing house , on the cover of which the poster of the series. In the same place, readers will find a QR code by which they can go to the page of the series in Okko. The story received the Russian national literary award “Manuscript of the Year” and was nominated for the “Big Book” award.

Krasnoyarsk fans greeted the premiere episodes with great joy and warmth. I myself was very happy when I watched them: the casting in the series is amazing, the atmosphere of the book is very faithfully conveyed and everything is done with trepidation and nostalgia. I am scared to imagine how many people are waiting for the premiere of the series, because every day I receive hundreds of messages on social networks with the question: “When will Manyunya be released in Okko?” So the readers of the series are really looking forward to it and are in excitement, ”says Narine Abgaryan, author of the story“ Manyunya ”.



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