The Ministry of Internal Affairs wanted to get the authority to research patrons

The Ministry of Internal Affairs offered to give him the right to research cartridges for civilian and service weapons cartridges for civilian and service weapons. This follows from the letter of the department sent to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, RIA Novosti reports.

At the moment, Article 7 of the Federal Law “On Weapons” lacks a structure that should check cartridges for compliance with forensic requirements. It is proposed to give such powers to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The ministry will be able to conduct expert studies and issue conclusions on the conformity of the ammunition.

In October, the Rosgvardia wanted to expand the powers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB when checking Russians during the receipt of a weapon permit. According to the authors of the document, the restrictions will help prevent the possession of weapons by those involved in organized criminal groups, including extremist and terrorist groups, as well as citizens who plan to use it for criminal purposes.



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