The investigation doubted the adequacy of the killer from the Moscow MFC

“Kommersant”: investigators admitted mental problems with Glazov, a shooter in the Moscow MFC

, who opened fire and killed two people in the Moscow MFC “Ryazansky”. Kommersant writes about this.

According to the newspaper, the killer could not clearly explain the reason for his action. Moreover, during interrogation, he continued to behave inappropriately, referring to the consequences of the coronavirus.

It is possible that he will not be sent to a temporary detention center, but for a forensic psychiatric examination. If the doctors find Glazov sane, the investigation will petition the Presnensky District Court for his arrest.

Conflict over the mask

The conflict with the MFC security began after Glazov refused to put on a mask. The man began to argue with the guard and insist on his right to be in the room without protective equipment. Then the guard tried to take him out of the building, at that moment the attacker took out a pistol converted from a traumatic one into a combat pistol and started shooting at the employees and visitors. In addition to firearms, Glazov was found to have a knife hanging in a case on his belt. He did not have time to use it. In addition, Kommersant notes, there could have been more victims, but the killer's pistol was periodically jammed.

Elena Agadullina, head of the research and educational laboratory for the psychology of social inequality at the Higher School of Economics, told the newspaper that restrictive measures affect the emotional state of people. Sometimes the constant escalation of the threat leads to the fact that the request to wear a mask results in resistance. “Someone chooses constructive forms of work on the situation, someone goes into deep inner isolation, and someone opens fire,” the expert said.

In turn, the chief doctor of the clinic “Dependency24”, psychiatrist Alexey Kazantsev told that the attacker at the MFC Glazov, if he is really a veteran of the security forces, could open fire due to mental problems associated with post-traumatic syndrome (PTSD, a mental disorder arising from traumatic events in the psyche – approx. “”). One of the manifestations of PTSD, Kazantsev said, can be an overly acute reaction in a conflict situation. As, for example, did the shooter who opened fire in response to a request to wear a mask.

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After the emergency, it was not possible to obtain an unambiguous description of Glazov. So, a TASS source claimed that the killer had planned the attack in advance, and the conflict in the MFC became just a pretext for the shooting. Also, according to the agency's interlocutor, the neighbors described the man as inadequate.

At the same time, Glazov's neighbor called him quiet and inconspicuous. “Nothing at all, silence. I haven't even seen him, “the woman said.

Arming or forbidding

A member of the Federation Council committee after the emergency proposed to study the issue of introducing a ban on the free sale of traumatic weapons. He pointed out that such pistols can be easily converted into combat ones, and added that he does not understand why citizens are buying them. “The purpose of the traumatic? Injury? “He asked.

State Duma Deputy Anatoly Wasserman, on the contrary, proposed allowing all Russians to own weapons, as well as train citizens in self-defense and simplify the mechanism for using weapons by guards.

This case proves: who wants to kill – will find a way, at least the weapon itself will do, like this killer

Anatoly Wassermandeputat of the State Duma

And the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin called the heroes of the guard and the policeman who found themselves on the way of the shooter in the MFC. “Real heroes,” the mayor pointed out. He noted that the deceased security officer Alexei Ruzlev closed the visitors from the killer with his chest, and the employee of the migration service, Senior Lieutenant Georgy Domolaev, alone and without weapons, managed to detain the criminal.